Aquabeam consists of a new robotic device with which the surgeon performs a personalised plan of the prostate tissue to be removed. Once programmed, a very high pressure water jet destroys the tissue.

We are one of the few centres in Spain accredited and trained to perform this procedure.


  • Semi-robotic: because the plan and placement of the device is dependent on the urologist.
  • A high percentage of patients refers an absence of retrograde ejaculation.
  • Good results in low-medium size prostates. Good results are now beginning to be documented in large prostates as well.


  • It is still highly dependent on the surgeon.
  • In order not to alter ejaculation, it is advisable to avoid energy sources to prevent bleeding, which can lead to a difficult and uncomfortable postoperative period, and may even require new surgery and transfusions.
  • Lack of experience over time.
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