We develop our activity at HM Hospitales, looking for excellence and safety
Important Educational and Research activity in prestigious institutions
Communication and report of developments
Our group has been performing robotic surgery for more than 10 years
World leaders in prostate laser surgery
Multidisciplinary team, divided into subunits, to provide the best to our patients

Urología Tratamiento is a medical team, located in Madrid, specialized in advanced urological treatmen

Our medical team treats all urological pathologies such as prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, lithiasis, reconstructive surgery and functional urology.


Urology Treatment advanced treatments

We offer the broadest possible service portfolio, with the latest diagnostic tools available and the most advanced treatments dispensed by our urologists super-specialised in each therapy.

Medical Specialists


Our professionals do not practice Urology as a whole, they are selected to practice the urological subspeciality of which they are experts. All our professionals are dedicated to their area of work: urologists, uro-radiologists, uro-pathologists, uro-oncologists, uro-gynaecologists, uro-surgeons and uro-radiotherapists.

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